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Sunday, 6 August 2017

Stone Inspired Stories- 'The Wanderer's Journey'

Gleeman makes his Guild debut © Heritage Snapper, 2017 
The life of a classical craft guild like ours is incredibly rich and multi-layered. One aspect of this is story. With our continuous lineage stretching back unbroken to our founding Master, Robert de Bessie, in 1080, many stories have been passed down to us. It is not just that our forebears occupied the past, they were also always itinerant. They wandered in pursuit of coin and, as they did so, they were part of some of the massive events in history such as the French Revolution (who do you think had the know-how and tools to break down the Bastille!). 

These stories are part of the intangible heritage we embody. With this in mind, we work with a professional storyteller, Dave Tonge, who is working these into performances to be delivered at events we feature in. The name given to the guild storyteller in our tradition is the 'Gleeman'. Dave is the Gleeman for the Guild of St Stephen & St George and is proud to be so. 

© Heritage Snapper, 2017
Earlier this year, as part of the fantastic Flintspiration event celebrating Norwich's legacy of medieval churches, the Gleeman made his debut, regaling the public with stone-inspired stories. At the same time, our apprentices were busy nearby demonstrating their carving skills and answering questions from the public in our portable lodge. 

© Heritage Snapper, 2017
We are delighted to announce that the Gleeman will be performing once again, this time as part of the Norwich Maker's Month celebrations in early April 2018 in the Norwich Forum. We still have to finalise details, but we are discussing the possibility of a talk by the Master and Clerk interspersed with stories around the theme of, 'The Wanderer's journey'. Who knows, we may even be able to persuade one of our German Journeymen brothers from the CCEG to join us to share their experience of this tradition. 

We will update you once everything is finalised. 

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