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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

The Will to Succeed

Image: © Norfolk Museum Service 2016

Re-founding a Guild...
It is less than two years since I had the honour of becoming the founding Clerk of the Guild of St Stephen & St George. During that time I have learned much, made some mistakes and have - at times - found my character being tested. Re-founding a guild that has to build from next to nothing in terms of financial capital, is a challenge - but it is one we will meet. 

New Kids on the Block...
We may be 'new' in terms of our foundation date, but our foundations are ancient. Through our Master Mason, international Guild Master Dr. Stephen L'Normand, we are connected to a line of Masters who can be identified by name in a continuous line since 1080. It isn't only their skills, it is the accumulated culture of these Masters that lives on within and through him. It is this that he is passing onto a new generation. 

International Excellence...
We are training the future elite of stonemasonry. The Master's standards are exacting. However, working alongside him as I do, I see that he never asks of the apprentices anything that he can't or won't do himself. I also see the immense capacity for work and indomitable will power that drove him to be a world class craftsman and a Guild Master (one of only twelve such in the world). We will never give up in our pursuit of excellence. With hard work and character, the apprentices who have what it takes to succeed will flourish and earn the right to be the next generation of elite level stonemasons. 

The Will to Succeed...
Finally, as I said to the assembled guild members as we gathered at the end of our last procession, talent per se means nothing. What matters is making the most out of what you've got - and there are no short cuts.  

Colin Howey
Guild of St Stephen & St George
Summa inter mediocria

Friday, 15 July 2016


Listen to some of our apprentices talking about their experience of being part of a classical craft guild:

The transmission of a thousand years of continuous culture and intangible heritage to the next generation is a noble thing to play a part in. If you are interested in contributing to our apprentices' journey in a tangible way, please make a donation to our crowdfunding appeal. We are raising money to pay towards materials for two portable lodges. With these we can take our work out into the wider community, raise our profile and generate additional income to help sustain the apprentices' training. Please click on the following link:

Thank you for your contribution. 

Colin Howey
Guild of St Stephen & St George
'Summa inter mediocria'

Friday, 8 July 2016

Carving a Future - Portable Lodge Appeal

Please support local young people as they train to become qialified stonemasons. 

As you may already be aware, many people are already donating their time freely in order to help support the training of young people as stonemasons in Norwich. However, we now need some additional support and are asking for donations to help pay for the materials for two portable stonemasons' lodges that will help us to generate further income into the future. 

Please play a part in the transmission of ancient skills to another generation and contribute to our appeal by clicking on link, below:

In anticipation - thanks!