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Sunday, 29 May 2016

The Norwich Mystery Play - We're Back!

For the first time since Pentecost week in 1565 a craft guild performed a mystery play on the streets of Norwich. Yesterday, our Master and apprentices gave seven separate performances of the traditional stonemasons' guild play, Cain & Abel. This is the first staging of what will, from whenceforth be an annual event in Norwich. 

In keeping with our traditon, our play will always be performed by craft members, not actors. However, having enjoyed watching seven performances myself yesterday; having witnessed the audiences listening intently, laughing and interacting with the performances - what struck me was that this was a really accomplished set of performances, punctuated by healthy elements of festive disorder. 

After a short pause of four hundred and fifty one years we're back!


On behalf of our guild I would like to acknowledge the contributions of our partners, who helped us revive this tradition. In particular, our thanks go out to Professor Gail McMurray Gibson for a masterly adaptation of the original East Anglian N-Town cycle play. 

We would also like to thank the following institutions and businesses for accomodating and supporting us:

- Norwich Cathedral
- Norwich Castle Museum
- Cathedral of St John the Baptist
- Norwich Playhouse
- The Adam & Eve pub

Finally, we are indebted to Friend of our guild, David Woollard Kingston, for allowing us to use his wonderful photographs in this piece. 

The Guild of St Stephen & St George
'Summa inter mediocria'

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Stonemasonry Sounds

Early on a Sunday morning in late March 2016 and our Guild Master is at work as the birds sing within the Guild Garden at The Stonemasons' Lodge, St Clement's Church, Colegate, Norwich.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Bold As Brass Blackbird

This a great photograph taken by guild gardener, Ernie, of a bold-as-brass male blackbird. This little fella seems to know no fear and were he a human being he would probably go a long way in stone masonry with that kind of spirit!